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Frequently Asked Questions

Savings - Online Banking Common Questions

I can’t log in to my online banking.

  1. Please make sure your Customer Number is correct (Customer numbers begin with either 500 or 300).
  2. If the Customer Number is correct, please make sure the password is also correct – all passwords need to be between 8-12 characters, if your password is more than 12 characters, you will be unable to log in.
  3. To reset your password, please click on “Reset Password” on the log in page and enter your Customer Number. You will then be asked a security question and an SMS authentication will be sent to your mobile phone.
  4. Once this has been entered you will then be able to reset your password for Online Banking.

Where do I find my PCF Account Number?

Once you have successfully logged in to your PCF Online Banking, you will see on the home page, the type of account you have opened along with the sort code 23-01-08 and next to that is your account number. Your account number begins ‘10XXXXXX’.

I’ve received ‘failed log in alerts’ but haven’t tried logging in, am I being hacked?

The reason you will have received these messages is because our Customer Numbers increase numerically, therefore it is likely that another PCF customer has accidentally typed their customer number instead of their own when trying to access their online banking.

However, if you are still unsure regarding this message, please contact a member of our team on 020 7227 7577.

How do I view my account balance?

You can log onto your PCF Online Banking>Accounts to view your transactions and balance.

You will need your Customer ID and Password for your PCF Online Banking.

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Savings - General Questions

How safe is my money?

Your money is in safe hands. You are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which means that your deposits will be covered up to £85,000. Visit this website to view the information https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/deposit-savings-protection.

Our unique FRN number is 747017. Which can be searched on the Financial Conduct Authority website.

What/who is PCF Bank?

  • PCF was established in 1994 as a finance company and authorised to become a bank in December 2016.
  • PCF Bank offer a range of asset and bridging finance products to consumers and businesses throughout the UK.

Since becoming a bank, we now offer a range of competitive savings products including notice accounts and term deposits.

How do I know that you are a Bank?

You can search for us on Companies House, the FCA, Bank of England or on AIM’S (Alternative Interest Market) list.

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Savings - Term Deposit Account Common Questions

Where’s my interest? When is my interest paid?

Interest is paid to your nominated bank account annually, on the anniversary of the account opening.

If you have a notice account with PCF, your interest is sent to your nominated bank account within 2 working days of the anniversary.

Can I withdraw my money early?

Under the terms and conditions of our savings accounts you are unable to withdraw funds from your account before the maturity date.

I have an account with you which is due to mature in the next 30 days, what do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything; your funds will automatically be transferred to your nominated account on your maturity date.

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Savings - Notice Account Common Questions

Do I have to give the full notice amount to withdraw my funds?

No, you can give notice to make a withdrawal on any amount within your available balance.

Can I cancel any notice that I have on my account?

Yes, you can cancel any given notice that you have on your account as long as it is more than 5 working days before the notice is due to be sent to your nominated account.

Does my account close automatically if I withdraw the full balance?

No, your notice account will still stay open at a nil balance. To close your notice account, you will need to contact the Savings team either via secure message via your PCF Online Banking or by phone and request a notice for closure to be placed on your account. Once the account is at a nil balance, we can then close your notice account and any accrued interest will be sent to your nominated bank account the next working day.

What is the minimum amount I can keep in my notice account?

When you first open your notice account, you need to fund the account initially with a minimum of £1,000.00, but once your account has had these funds in, it will stay open even if you chose to withdraw the full amount and it goes to a nil balance.

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