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News 01 July 2022

PCF Bank partner with In2ScienceUK

We are excited by the start of our partnership with In2ScienceUK, an organisation that focusses on providing disadvantaged students the opportunity for work experience in the science, technology, engineering and maths sectors (STEM).

PCF Bank’s data team will be hosting two work experience students and exposing them to data science, and how a bank can leverage data in a commercial environment.

In2ScienceUK has been running since 2010, and receives thousands of applications each year from young people wishing to be placed in the STEM sector. The placements are mainly in academia, research and labs, and the scheme is keen to widen this out across the financial services sector. As our students join us in July 2022, PCF is the only bank and one of only a handful of financial services institutions participating in the scheme.

The young people supported by this programme are interested in pursuing STEM, but face barriers to their progression. This can include a limited understanding of the careers available within the sector, a lack of friend or family connections who can advise them and help them to access opportunities such as work experience, as well as inadequate support needed to produce successful applications for apprenticeships and degrees.

I2ScienceUK connects students to volunteers from different fields within STEM over the summer between Year 12 and Year 13, the time when they are finalising their decisions about university or apprenticeships. Students receive insights and knowledge through in person work experience and live webinars.  This support enables students of all backgrounds and abilities to build the skills, knowledge and confidence to produce successful applications and achieve their ambitions within STEM.

PCF Bank is delighted to be supporting this initiative, and is looking forward to welcoming our two students into the team.

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