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News 01 August 2022

Mossy Earth partnership – our commitment to becoming a greener company

Since 2020 PCF Bank has supported the Mossy Earth initiative.

Mossy Earth works to restore wilderness through rewilding and reforestation projects across a variety of ecosystems around the globe. Through this partnership we have been supporting them through two key initiatives.

Reforestation – A commitment to delivering a brighter future by planting trees in the Southern Carpathian Mountains to offset the carbon-emitting assets we finance.

Rewilding – in addition to the commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we have supported Mossy Earth in one of their projects to protect biodiversity and enhance wild ecosystems – restoring the habitat of the Alaotran Gentle Lemur in Madagascar.

To date we have planted 7,122 native trees in the Southern Carpathian Mountains.  These trees will not only lock up more than 1800 tons of CO2 over a 50-year period but prevent soil erosion, which is one of the biggest threats in these mountains where the forest has been illegally clear cut. The trees will also create habitat for an abundance of wildlife.

Our work in Madagascar has restored vital wetland habitat that the Gentle Lemurs depend on, and is helping to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

We are delighted by the success of these projects, and are excited to continue working with the team at Mossy Earth.

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