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PCF Bank has identified an opportunity within the property finance market, focusing on certain niche sectors that support its asset growth and return objectives. This proposition will initially focus on bridging loans with terms of up to 18 months.

Colin Stevens heads up the new venture having worked within property lending for over 30 years and has a proven track record in this field. He is a specialist in complex and standard loans in both short and term lending which covered all types of property finance including residential and commercial funding.

The initial aim is to target existing relationships via direct and existing customers who are loyal and have a regular need for finance and via an existing known broker network. The bridging finance industry is currently worth in excess of £4 billion and PCF is looking to fund circa £50m in 2020.

Bridging finance is the provision of short-term loans against property and is used by the borrower as a temporary financing solution before transitioning to another financial arrangement or selling the property.

The aim is to provide bespoke lending with fast decisions and a slick process for loans from £200,000 to £2.5m.

PCF will fund:

  • Property purchases/Refinance (unregulated only)
  • Buying a property at auction
  • Refurbishing a property
  • Obtaining short term working capital for business use
  • Obtaining capital for the other legitimate business reasons
  • Development exit

Finance between £200,000 and £2,500,000

Terms from 3 to 18 months

Over 85,000 people helped so far

How do I arrange Bridging Finance with PCF?

How much can I borrow?

We offer finance between £200,000 - £2,500,000 subject to value of property and your own circumstances.


How much are the monthly repayments? 

We offer terms from 3 months to 18 months and try to find the term that is right for your budget.


How do I apply?

Call us on 020 7227 7554 to speak to our Bridging team.