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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


These are uncertain and unprecedented times as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the health and safety of individuals, businesses and entire countries. It is, therefore, vital that we act responsibly, sensibly and carefully.

At PCF Bank, our overriding priority is to continue to operate business as usual and to support our customers and introducers, whilst ensuring the welfare and safety of our employees and our extended families.

With this in mind and following the government’s advice we have implemented the following measures:-

At this time we are experiencing an exceptional high level of enquiries and as a result our waiting times are longer than usual. Rest assured we will respond at the earliest possible opportunity to requests for forbearance.

If you have concerns about meeting your repayments please visit https://pcf.bank/covid-19-payment-holiday/

To help us support those who are in most urgent need, we’d ask you to only call if you have an immediate financial problem that can’t wait.

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