Time is money… How do you spend yours?

03 Jul 2018




SMEs are a vital part of our economy! Therefore, we ensure that all our customers (albeit Brokers, Introducers or End Users) are well catered for within our Business Finance Division.

Whilst building sound relationships, one of our key priorities to customers is to help them maximise their time because we believe that time is money. Survival amongst SMEs is not just based on getting the cheapest deal, it’s about being time efficient and often keeping up in a fast-paced marketplace. Therefore, we provide a streamlined service for our customers. We can underwrite a deal in less than one hour and pay this deal out within an hour providing all conditions are met.

We don’t just approve deals or settle invoices; we create smooth transactions for more than one party involved and make our customers lives simpler!

For example, a delivery company urgently needs a new van. We ensure, the supplier gets his money on time and the end user can collect their van in time to fulfil their orders. The supplier’s cashflow remains healthy; he can invest in the next business venture and the end user can fulfil orders for their next delivery. We believe this top service pays for itself and interest rates are always comparable with the opportunity cost that may be greater from a smooth and efficient transaction.

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