How much can you borrow for Car Finance?

03 Jul 2018




One of the questions we get asked most by our customers is “How much can I get on Car Finance?”

Whilst it may be tricky to know without seeing your full application there are certain factors that will help you. The first thing we will do is a credit search, this will look at credit you have taken out in the past and see how these items of credit have been paid.

Our team of experienced underwriters looks at every deal on a case by case basis. This means that we are not relying on an online scoring system to accept or decline your application.

With this flexible approach to underwriting, we are more likely to accept your application.

One of the main things we look at is affordability. Sensible lending is very important to us and as responsible lenders we want you to finance a vehicle you are happy paying for every month. Lending you more than you can afford will not be beneficial to you or us!

Once you are happy with the amount you wish to borrow and have found a vehicle you are happy to purchase we send out E-sign documents. These mean that you can sign your documents by email, and you will have a copy to hand. Any other proofs will be checked by our Underwriting team, then we can send out the funds to the Dealer.

Any queries about applying for finance, or to make an application please refer to our website or give our New Business team a call on

0207 2277506.